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Wool Pillows on Sale | 20% Off

One thing everyone can enjoy at night is the simple pleasure of laying your head on your pillow. But some enjoy it more because all pillows are simply not made the same. With the average head weighing 11lbs, the pillow you choose will take quite a load off your neck. There are many different types of pillows, from down to cotton, latex to wool your options differ, as will the quality and price tag too.

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Holiday Sleep Sale 20% Off All Wool Bedding Products

Big news from Cuddle Ewe™! We have decided to offer our Holiday Sleep Sale early this year, in 2016, which means you get an extra month of savings with 20% off our Wool Mattress Toppers/Pads, Wool Pillows, Comforters, Sheets and Packaged Sets – Our Entire Online Selection! So go in on a Wool Mattress Topper with your siblings for your mom and dad for the Holidays or treat yourself to comfortable sleep on a nightly basis.

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Wool Pillows| 15% Off All Cuddle Ewe ™ Pillows

Wool PillowGood sleep starts with a comfortable bed and support. Choosing a pillow, is a key aspect in supporting your body while sleeping. As easy as it is to toss that ‘on sale pillow’ in your cart at target when you need an extra lift, it may not be quite as beneficial. A cheap pillow with little support or one that is overfilled can be a pain in the neck.

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