Wool PillowGood sleep starts with a comfortable bed and support. Choosing a pillow, is a key aspect in supporting your body while sleeping. As easy as it is to toss that ‘on-sale pillow’ in your cart at target when you need an extra lift, it may not be quite as beneficial. A cheap pillow with little support or one that is overfilled can be a pain in the neck, literally, by encouraging back problems to progress and discouraging restorative sleep. We love wool at Cuddle Ewe ™ and to kick off this season we are having a Wool Pillow Sale! Our entire selection of wool pillows – including soft wool pillows, body pillows, wool bolster pillows and adjustable wool pillows – are 15% Off until April 30th 2016!

Wool pillows aren’t the only option. There are natural options and chemically induced pillow materials. Everyone’s preferred pillow choice will differ, but we will never waver away from wool!

Common Pillow Types and Materials

  • Foam Pillows
  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Latex Pillows
  • Cotton Pillows
  • Feather/Down Pillows
  • Polyester Pillows
  • Gel Pillows
  • Wool Pillows

Reduce Pains By Choosing the right Pillow

It is advised for adults to sleep anywhere between 6-10 hours a night. Are you getting at least 6 hours of good shut eye a night? Or are you tossing and turning in your bed, to sleep medications and/or your TV remote? Instead turn to your pillow. What do you notice about it and your neck? Does it support the 11 pounds it needs to for the continual 6 hours it should? If you’re thinking ‘that’s not the case’, you should shop for pillows.

How to Choose the Right Pillow?

Now that you’ve determined putting an added target pillow under your head just won’t cut it, it’s time to find a quality pillow. But what pillow is right for you? One factor in deciding on the right pillow is how you sleep at night. A pillow is designed to keep your neck in alignment with your shoulders. Think of it as nightly posture, as opposed to daily posture. Both types of posture are quite important to maintain a healthy functioning body that can repair itself.

  • Front and Back Sleepers generally need a thinner pillow, too much stuffing will over support the head and bring it out of the desired posture.
  • Side Sleepers usually find a fuller pillow with lots of support best, because their shoulders play a part in the alignment. Also, many side sleepers love a good body pillow and for good reason.

The Perfect Pillow for You

Some people love the cradled support of memory foam, while others like a poof of feathers or the firmness of latex. Pillows are a personal opinion, so you are the one that ultimately makes the final decision on the perfect pillow. Here at Cuddle Ewe™, we love the hypoallergenic properties wool brings to the bed and natural support. We believe in our products and enjoy hearing that our customers feel the same:

Pillows”I have found relief of neck muscle spasms at night using this pillow to sleep on my side. It helps distribute pressure and is approved by my health care team in management of cervical discs degeneration. I also appreciate how temperature is distributed so I don’t feel a heat build up as in other pillows. The materials used in the pillow do not trigger any chemical sensitivity. I have been using this pillow for over a year and feel it is not showing any signs of wear. Thank you for a superior product.” – Julie Engelke

”I ordered a pillow in the large size because I am a side sleeper and I have wide shoulders. Well, I just used it and I woke up completely pain free. I have MS so this has made a big difference. I also have a twin size cuddle quilt, and together it is pure heaven-Thank you!”- Arlene G

Our Wool Pillow Selection:

  • Natural Sleep Pillows
  • Soft Wool Pillows
  • Wool Body Pillows
  • Wool Bolster Pillows
  • Wool Knob Adjustable Pillows

Supportive Wool Pillows

We wouldn’t be saying this if we didn’t believe it. If you want to see if our wool pillows are the perfect fit for you, now is the time with our 15% off Pillows for our Spring Rejuvenation Sale order from our online pillow selection. If you have any questions about our products or orders, contact Cuddle Ewe™ at 1-800-290-9199.