Wool PillowIf you are anything like the other forty to sixty million Americans that suffer from sleep issues, finding a supportive and comfortable pillow can be an arduous task. One problem is that there are so many options out there for you to try. Some people choose to go the inexpensive route and purchase a pillow at low cost. Quickly, they realize that they should have put a little more time and thought into buying a pillow. Other people go with a extremely high cost pillow, assuming that it will be great, just because the cost is so high. Well, at Cuddle Ewe™, we focus on providing our customers with high quality wool pillow options at affordable prices! Just think about it, when purchasing a pillow, you are investing in an item that you use 365 days per year and spend on average of 7-8 hours a day on.

Benefits of Wool

One of the unique features of the Cuddle Ewe™ wool pillows is that they are made with uniquely selected and delicately processed wool that molds extremely well to the shape of your head. The comfort you’ll receive from our pillows allows you to fall asleep quicker, last longer in one position, and in turn have a less restless nights sleep. The Cheviot Wool used in our pillows is from the Cheviot Hills between Scotland and England, and is one of the softest wools that can be found. Wool also insulates very well, keeping you cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. Another benefit of the Cuddle Ewe™ wool pillows is that the wool is naturally fire resistant!

Featured Pillows

  • Natural Sleep Pillow – $59.75 – $65.75
  • Soft Wool Pillow – $31.00
  • Wool Body Pillow – $60.00 – $90.00
  • Wool Bolster Pillow – $27.00
  • Wool Knop Adjustable Pillow – $78.00

 Quality Wool Pillows

Whether you’re looking for a standard pillow or one with some unique features, Cuddle Ewe™ has just what you need! Contact us toll free at 800-290-9199, or visit the Cuddle Ewe™ website where you can learn some interesting sleep facts and see how customers have reviewed our products! Don’t go another night tossing and turning, call Cuddle Ewe™ today, you will not be disappointed!