Quality WoolTraditional mattresses provide a level of support and comfort that is fleeting. Soon you are tossing and turning trying to find a sleeping position that does not cause you pain or discomfort. An easy solution is to add High Quality Wool Mattress Bedding from CuddleEwe™. We have designed an all-natural line of comfortable wool products including our very popular Wool Mattress Toppers.

Comfortable Wool Products

Cuddle Ewe™ brand high quality wool products are specially designed for cuddly soft support. Pure wool is unique in that it can provide fluffy softness with long lasting support. Synthetic materials cannot compete with all of the benefits of sleeping with comfortable wool products. In all, wool is the most comfortable

Softest And Most Resilient

Other wool mattress companies make products that are similar but not the same. We searched the globe looking for the best wool to use inside of our mattress topper underquilts and discovered Cheviot Wool. Pure Cheviot Fleece is preferred due to how fine it is and its natural crimp. This is the Softest and most Resilient Natural Wool for use inside of our high quality wool mattress bedding.

No Added Chemicals

The Cuddle Ewe™ manufacturing process does not add any harsh chemicals. We wash the wool in mild soap and water. It is then rinsed in a hydrogen peroxide solution. We cover the wool mattress toppers with a heavy cotton material for added comfort. Once the wool batting has been sewn inside of the cotton ticking material, it is tufted to prevent the wool from shifting around inside.

Several Sizes To Choose From

Wool Mattress Toppers from Cuddle Ewe™ are available in varying sizes from the ultra convenient Travel Ewe up to the spacious California king size. There are 7 sizes in all. We recommend our Cotton Flannelettes for an extra layer of protection between the mattress topper and fitted sheet. Sold in several sizes, they provide an easy way to keep your wool underquilt clean and protected.

High Quality Wool Mattress Bedding

Cuddle Ewe® high quality wool mattress bedding provides a luxurious sleep experience. Our all-natural wool mattress toppers are specially designed for comfort and relaxation. We use only the softest and most resilient pure wool for use in our line of comfortable wool products.

Shop now online or call 1-800-290-9199 to speak with one of our professionals. Enjoy the best rest ever, with help from Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress toppers!