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Sleep Comfortably with Wool Bedding

Wool Bedding ComfortFor better or for worse, the infamous commitment that couples make to each other when they decide to tie the knot. This commitment is not to be taken lightly. When you say these words, you are vowing to be with someone at their worst moments. However, when you make them, you are assuming that you will at least have a few “for betters” in the mix. We can’t guarantee that everything will go well in your marriage, but we can tell you that sleeping comfortably will create a lot “for betters” in the years ahead. So, when you are making those vows, consider investing in the bedroom, too. Keep in mind, this blog is rated G, folks! We are talking about investing in wool, the superior material that helps you sleep comfortably and creates all of the “for betters” in “for better or for worse.” We are talking about Cuddle Ewe™.

Sleeping With Wool

Start your marriage off right and pick quality wool bedding products for a better night’s sleep. If you have any issues with sleep at all, consider wool as a natural way to give you the comfort you need that will last all night. At Cuddle Ewe™, we only use the best wool available to give our customers that most comfortable sleep possible. How does wool do that exactly? No explanation will be of worth until you finally sleep with wool. However, we can give you an idea on why wool material is better to sleep with versus a lot of other products on the market.

Wool vs. Competitors

One of the most noticeable differences in wool is that it supports and distributes body weight better than any other material. Synthetic fibers don’t offer that kind of structure and therefore, bottom out. Goose down does the same thing, leaving your pressure points aggravated and annoyed. Cotton fibers temporarily deliver more support but are quickly broken down and leave your body sinking into oblivion. Wool supports your body and distributes your weight, alleviating pressure from tender points and painful areas. Additionally, wool insulates to your body temperature, keeping you the perfect degree all throughout the night. No one material can do that! It’s ability to absorb moisture and keep you at the perfect degree is unparalleled to any other material on the market.

At Cuddle Ewe™, we use wool found in the Cheviot Hills. It’s unique climate and vegetation gives you an added degree of comfort and support. If you are ready to sleep comfortably, choose Cuddle Ewe™. We will certainly do our part in making your marriage filled with “for betters” rather than “for worse.” To order your Cuddle Ewe™ wool bedding products, call us today at 1-800-290-9199.





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