Cuddle Ewe™ Sleep Products recently compiled the results of an extensive survey and the results should easily be enough to convince everyone of the power these products have to help you sleep better and give yourself the best possible opportunity to heal from illness by sleeping better. It is an established fact that sleep is vital to good overall health, and Cuddle Ewe™ products do more than others can to contribute positively to your overall health. Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue, soft-tissue pain, or fibromyalgia, Cuddle Ewe™ sleep products do a great deal to help you heal and sleep through the night.

Cuddle Ewe™ Products Improve Chronic Fatigue

Our survey found that more than three quarters of respondents have sleep issues that cause some amount of distress. But the survey also found that nearly eighty percent of respondents who use Cuddle Ewe™ products experience significant relief as a result of using them. If you have felt a measure of stress as a result of the difficulty of falling or staying asleep, Cuddle Ewe™ products may be able to help you reduce that stress.

One specific outgrowth of sleep difficulty that was addressed by the Cuddle Ewe™ survey was chronic fatigue. The survey found that eighty-four percent of respondents experience chronic fatigue and that it is the cause of distress. Of that eighty-four percent response, more than seventy percent of respondents who use Cuddle Ewe™ sleep products get significant relief. If you have felt the distress that often accompanies chronic fatigue, you know the relief that is felt when you finally get a restful night’s sleep. Cuddle Ewe™products can help you get better rest every night.

Inability To Sleep Through The Night

A common difficulty associated with sleep is the inability to sleep through the night. The Cuddle Ewe™ survey learned that nearly seventy-five percent of respondents have difficulty sleeping through the night. Such disruptions to sleep, in the middle of our sleep cycles, can affect us for the rest of the day. But the survey also found that seventy-seven percent experience relief from this problem when they use Cuddle Ewe™ products.

There were also three areas of the survey—morning stiffness, tender point pain, and soft tissue pain—indicating that more than eighty percent of respondents experienced distress, and in each category the use of Cuddle Ewe™ products helped more than three quarters of people feel significant relief.

Improve Your Quality Of Life With Better Sleep

Arguably most telling, though, were the results related to overall improvement in quality of life. Eighty-three percent of respondents indicated that sleep issues detracted from their quality of life, but eighty-one percent said that using Cuddle Ewe sleep products improved their quality of life.

Sleep issues are serious business. Cuddle Ewe™ sleep products help our quality of life. Call 1-800-290-9199 for more information.