Comfortable Wool BeddingFor generations people have relied on wool products to keep them warm, dry and comfortable. Wool is used by the U.S. Military because of some unique advantages such as flame resistance and regulating body temperature. The thought of a warm wool sweater on a cold northern night is sure to bring a smile. Then there are woolen socks that are favored for hiking and other outdoor activities because they excel in keeping feet dry and comfortable. Might I say that it is shear genius that CuddleEwe™ would choose pure wool as filling for their luxurious Wool Mattress Toppers, Wool Pillows and Wool Comforters.

Wool Regulates Body Temperature Naturally

Sure, everybody knows that pure wool is great for keeping you warm but did you know it also helps to keep you cool? All-Natural Wool has been evolving for millions of years. It provides protection for sheep in a variety of climates. Wool has the ability to replenish itself and grow back each time a sheep is sheared.

The complex makeup of a wool fiber enables it to both absorb moisture and repel liquid. When you are experiencing cold, damp conditions, the wool fibers absorb moisture and trap a layer of dry air that acts and insulation. In warm, moist conditions perspiration and humidity are wicked away. The layer of insulating air helps to keep you cool and absorbed moisture is released back into the atmosphere.

Wool Is Resilient And Supportive

Natural Wool Fibers are resilient that they can be stretched or bent thousands of times without being damaged. They simply spring back into shape every time. This unique quality makes wool amazingly resilient and supportive. When you sleep on a CuddleEwe™ wool mattress topper or wool pillow, you will feel cradled and supported.

An ordinary mattress cannot provide the natural resilience of wool. The mattress creates pressure points that can cause pain. This is a particular problem for people suffering from painful joints or connective tissue problems. Pure wool conforms to your body without allowing you to bottom out on pressure points.

The Softest Most Resilient Wool

CuddleEwe™ all-natural wool bedding is made from the softest, most resilient wool. It makes all the difference when you are able to enjoy all of the natural qualities of pure wool. Maintain the optimal body temperature in warm or cold climates. Imagine sleeping in pure comfort with one of our wool mattress toppers, wool pillows or cozy wool comforters.

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