Quality Wool ProductsAre you dealing with chronic pain that interferes with your sleep each and every night? Whether it is ligament pain, back pain, or your body is just aching, it can be tough to achieve a good night’s rest when you are dealing with these types of issues. The fine team at Cuddle Ewe™ took this issue to heart and made it a priority to provide wool bedding products designed to help individuals dealing with chronic pain sleep better. Sleep is the point of the day that everyone should be able to relax and give their body a break. From the pillow you sleep on to your mattress pad, Cuddle Ewe™ has you covered with products designed specifically to help with pain relief.

Cheviot Wool

At Cuddle Ewe™, we do not cut corners with our wool material. That is why we use Cheviot wool in all of our wool bedding products. This is some of the softest wool around and it comes from the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. This wool is great for long lasting products as it has been tested and determined that the thickness lasts a lot longer than some of the other popular wool materials.

How Wool Can Help Pain:

  • Distributes Body Weight – The wool batting material used in our products provides body weight distribution better than any other product on the market. This directly helps with pain relief as pain can often times come from too much weight being applied to a particular section of the body.
  • Great Insulator – Cheviot wool is a great insulator due to it being extremely breathable. Our wool products do a great job of keeping your body temperature right at 98.6°F.
  • Great Against Moisture – One unique feature of wool is that it does not feel wet to the touch. This makes those hot and humid summer nights much more bearable! No more waking up to your skin sticking to your sheets!
  • Relief From Chronic Pain Conditions – Whether you are dealing with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other conditions causing chronic pain, wool has been found to provide pain relief to people dealing with these issues.

Wool Products for Sale:

So, if you are ready to invest in bedding products that can help bring pain relief into your life, Cuddle Ewe™ has you covered! Give us a call today at 800-290-9199 to learn more about our wool bedding products.