Cuddle Ewe™ produces a wide variety of high quality sleep products that can help individuals find more restful and comfortable sleep each night, which in turn can improve memory, heart health and may even extend your lifespan.  Cuddle Ewe™ uses one of the best and most rare kinds of wool—Cheviot wool, to be exact, which is obtainable only from a very small region in Scotland and is known for its temperature-regulating qualities, comfort, and resiliency—in the world to create its highly regarded sleep products.

Experience More Restful and Comfortable Sleep

Cuddle Ewe™ mattress pads, pillows, and travel products have been shown to demonstrably lessen the effects of such maladies as fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain.  Using such high quality sleep products can actually change your sleep habits and make them healthier.  For example, if you are a belly sleeper, the Cuddle Ewe™ support characteristics can help you sleep in a better posture and with more support.  So people who cannot get out of the habit of sleeping on their bellies, but who have occasional flare-ups of back pain, neck pain, or morning headaches, often find that those problems are lessened or eliminated because the Cuddle Ewe™ products have given them the support needed to sleep on their bellies while being adequately supported in that posture.

Advantages Of A Good Night’s Sleep

It is that kind of support while sleeping that leads to deeper sleep.  And over time, healthier sleep—which is to say, sleeping deeply for longer periods of time—can actually help to improve your memory.  Our world is more stressful than it has ever been and requires intense multi-tasking on a daily basis.  We work longer hours for less money than at any time in history.  Social media connects us to friends and family, but it also connects us to the bad news out there that seems more prevalent than ever before.  As a result, more and more of us are not able to “turn off,” when it is time for bed and, unfortunately, the impact of lack of sleep can be significant.  Fortunately, there is the line of products from Cuddle Ewe™, that can help.

Better sleep leads to improved memory, and that can have positive effects in your job and your life, which could relieve you of some measure of stress.  But the implications do not end there.  Better memory is also a potential outcome for older individuals, who are known to have increasing difficulty sleeping as they get older.  Improved sleep among people who are getting older can help keep their minds sharp and active, which could result in better states of mind.  And it is proven that positive states of mind lead to greater longevity.

There are many benefits to better sleep and Cuddle Ewe™ sleep products can help you achieve them.  To learn more about our products, call 1-800-290-9199 or click here to contact us!