Wool BeddingWho says you can’t sleep comfortably while traveling? Changing from one hotel to another can often times make it difficult to sleep because of the varying performance of hotel mattresses. At Cuddle Ewe™, we take pride in manufacturing a travel mattress topper/pad that you can take with you on your trips and achieve better sleep. Using 100%, all natural wool, our bedding products outperform the competition in a variety of ways. There is no better time to purchase a travel mattress pad from Cuddle Ewe™ than now, thanks to our 15% off Spring Sleep Soundly Sale!

What Sets Us Apart

In order for any product to be successful, it must have unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition. We feel that our travel mattress topper offers the same support and comfort as our regular underquilt, just on the go! This great addition to your travel gear also comes with a free tote bag and only weighs 15 pounds. Once you spend a few nights in a hotel on our travel mattress topper, you’ll be wishing you invested in this product years ago. Let us help you achieve better sleep on the road so that you can feel refreshed for whatever you have planned during your travels.

Benefits of Our Travel Mattress Pad

Using wool in our travel mattress pad offers a wide variety of benefits to the user. If you struggle with chronic pain such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, wool can help relieve some of your pain. Other great benefits of our travel mattress pad include:

  • Increased Support – Wool naturally supports, giving you that extra resilience that you can’t find in other bedding products.
  • Even Weight Distribution – Pain often occurs when added pressure is applied to your pressure points during sleep. Our wool travel mattress topper evenly distributes your body weight to help alleviate aches and pains that you may be experiencing during sleep.
  • Steady Body Temperature – Another issue with moving from one hotel to another is that the rooms are not always the same temperature. Thanks to the Cuddle Ewe™ travel mattress pad, our wool products will help keep your body temperature at a steady 98.6°F year around.
  • Moisture Absorber – Wool is a wonderful absorber of moisture when you compare it to other bedding products. Say goodbye to waking up sticky after a night’s sleep, thanks to the cool and comfortable feel of our travel mattress pad.

Celebrate spring with our 15% off Spring Sleep Soundly Sale through May 31st! If you are ready to achieve better sleep during your travels, the Cuddle Ewe™ travel mattress topper/pad is the product for you. Give us a call today at 800-290-9199 or browse our website to learn more about our wool bedding products.