Natural Fibromyalgia ReliefFibromyalgia is real.  The medical establishment is in some degree of disagreement over what it actually is and how it should best be treated, but it is long since past the time when we should be debating over whether it is an actual condition or if it is simply in the minds of those who are suffering from it.  The confusion about fibromyalgia has existed, in part, because it manifests in so many different ways.  But common to all who suffer from it is pain and/or discomfort in various parts of the body.  Many healthcare professionals believe that fibromyalgia is a disruption of nerve signals that stimulate the pain response.  And for many years, people who have suffered from the pain of fibromyalgia have also had to fight against the resistance of doctors and other health care providers to the truth of their experience with it.  Thankfully, Cuddle Ewe™ has developed a variety of wool bedding and pillows that help to ease many of the symptoms from fibromyalgia.

Complexities of Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Fortunately, the attitudes that for so long were characterized by a refusal to believe patients’ accounts of their painful existence have been replaced by greater understanding of fibromyalgia.  Doctors who dismiss patients’ claims are, with any luck, in a very small minority of health care professionals still possessed of outdated beliefs.  Still, though, fibromyalgia is not well understood.  For individuals searching with this condition, finding fibromyalgia pain relief is incredibly difficult.  At Cuddle Ewe™ we saw the need to offer relief to those suffering from fibromyalgia and are proud of the natural benefits that can be achieved from our wool bedding products.

Wool Bedding Products Helps Fibromyalgia Patients Get Better Sleep

One source of hope comes in the form of Cuddle Ewe™ sleeping and bedding products.  In response to any medical issue, adequate rest is crucial to recovery.  The myriad of issues experienced by people suffering from the effects of fibromyalgia all point to the need for adequate rest.  Cuddle Ewe™ products—which include mattress toppers, pillows, protective mattress covers, and packaged sets—are all made with Cheviot wool.  Cheviot wool offers a natural alternative to conventional bedding products, and provides greater comfort and support for those who use products made with it.

Cuddle Ewe’s™ Cheviot wool products can be the difference-maker when it comes to improving your sleep patterns.  And if you are dealing with the effects of fibromyalgia, you are likely to notice the differences in comfort and support offered by the Cuddle Ewe™ line of products very quickly.  Fibromyalgia is insidious for those who suffer from it, but Cuddle Ewe™ products can provide immediate relief.  For more information about Cuddle Ewe™ products, call 1-800-290-9199.