Cheviot Wool

Wool Mattress TopperWouldn’t you love to indulge yourself with the Best Sleep Ever? If that sounds too good to be true then you haven’t heard about Cheviot Wool Bedding from Cuddle Ewe™. Our line of pure wool mattress toppers, pillows and comforters are filled with luxurious Cheviot Wool. This is the softest most resilient wool that we could find for our extremely comfortable and supportive bedding products. We chose Cheviot Wool due to the unique aspects it provides our 100% Pure Wool Underquilts and Wool Pillows. Nothing compares to the feeling of sleeping on organic bedding filled with Cheviot Woolen Fibers.

History of Cheviot Sheep

Cheviot Sheep originated in a strip of land that borders both England and Scotland, called the Cheviot Hills. This harsh climate is home to steep, pointed hills and a valuable breed of fine-wooled sheep. These sheep were first described in 1792. They survived in a harsh climate that was snow covered for up to 4 months out of the year.

Incredible Cheviot Fleece

Shelter was scarce and their shepherds did not provide them with protection. The flocks relied heavily on their unique fleece to survive and keep them warm during cold weather. Cheviot’s wool is resistant to both snow and rain. Their fleece allows them to stay more comfortable and protected year round. This hearty little breed of sheep has thrived over the years due in no small part to their incredible fleece. Wool from Cheviot’s provides an incredible sleeping experience.

Unique Aspects of Cheviot Wool:

• Long, dense fleece
• Distinctive three-dimensional crimp
• High quality wool fibers
• Fine woollen fibers
• Softness
• Very resilient

When Cuddle Ewe™ set out to find the best type of fleece for our all-natural wool bedding we were more than please to discover Cheviot Wool. Fleece from Cheviot sheep is extremely Soft and Resilient. This combination provides all night comfort even for people who have painful conditions. The 3-D crimp of Cheviot Wool Fibers cradles your body and prevents pressure on tender points like hips, knees, back and shoulders. You can rest easier without tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. The result is a more rejuvenating night of restful sleep.

Luxurious Sleeping Experience

CuddleEwe™ pure wool mattress toppers utilize Cheviot Wool for its unique and wonderful characteristics. Cheviot wool fibers have a three dimensional crimp that bounces back time and again. The incredible Softness and Resiliency of Cheviot fleece provides a very luxurious sleeping experience. People who have tried our Wool Mattress Toppers, Wool Filled Pillows and Wool Comforters are amazed at the level of comfort and pain-free sleep.

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