wool Mattress PadIf you’re someone who suffers from aches and pains that keep you up at night, you’ve probably considered every medicine on the market to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. But what about the nights when the medication just isn’t enough? We know that here in the cold Litchfield, Minnesota winters, joint pains are even more difficult to manage than usual, making medications useless against the weather’s natural effects on fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other ailments. Why not try an alternative, natural pain management method to combat your pain and stop searching for a medication that works year-round? With Cuddle Ewe wool bedding, you can reduce pain and sleep better, and you don’t have to take a single pill.

Wool Bedding

At Cuddle Ewe, we know that wool bedding is not only comfortable, it’s therapeutic. As a natural pain reducer, wool has become an additive, as well as an alternative, to medicinal pain management for those who suffer from joint pains. On a spring mattress, your body has to compete with the mattress’ natural shape, often meaning you end up lying flat. But trying to find a comfortable sleeping position on a mattress that refuses to compromise means you’re fighting a losing battle. Why not give up the fight and try a natural pain management solution that will make your joints feel like you’re lying in a bed, not on a plank?

Wool Mattress Topper

When you sleep on our wool bedding, your bed adjusts to you, not the other way around. Hugged by the supportive contouring memory of a wool mattress topper, your body will sink in without you feeling like you have to fight your own mattress for a comfortable sleeping position. On a stiff spring bed with no cover, your shoulders and hips dig into the mattress uncomfortably, but with one of our wool mattress toppers, your body’s contact points can relax into a material that contours to match your body. Because of this, you won’t be constantly waking up in pain, trying to find a new position that won’t put stress on any of your aching joints.

Our wool bedding allows for a more restful sleep, letting you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for longer in one position. Cuddle Ewe’s wool bedding will defuse your pressure points and reduce stress more and more each time you get a good night’s sleep, and with moisture wicking properties, we know that our bedding won’t leave you waking up sweating and will keep you warm enough on cold nights to stop your joints from aching. Instead, you’ll get the rest you need without your joint pains acting as an hourly alarm clock.

Rather than tossing and turning all night, lying awake for hours, and waking up with a stiff neck, try out Cuddle Ewe’s wool bedding, and see how much better sleep can be when you’re not constantly readjusting or waking up to joint pains. With wool bedding, you’ll find a natural pain management method that doesn’t require the use of pain medication, muscle relaxers, or any other synthetic sleep aids. Call Cuddle Ewe toll free in Litchfield, Minnesota at 800-290-9199, or email us at info@cuddleewe.com to learn more about how you can manage your pain naturally.