Quality Wool ProductsIf counting sheep helps you get to sleep, then you should cross “livestock auditor” off of your checklist as a potential employment opportunity. Truth of the matter is, counting sheep doesn’t help you get to sleep, lying on one does! Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding products use the best wool in the world to get you relaxing and hitting your REM cycle faster than you can count to 10!

Sleep More Soundly

Cuddle Ewe™ wool products are made from special sheep only found in the Cheviot Hills, between Scotland and England. It is thicker and softer than most wool products, mainly from New Zealand, and has resilience that can outlast any other bedding product out on the market today. Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding lets you sleep more soundly due to its organic cotton cover and all-natural wool batting. If you have sleep issues, let Cuddle Ewe™ help!

Benefits of Wool

If you are trying to sleep more soundly, there are a lot of added benefits of wool. Cuddle Ewe™’s wool products can give you unsurpassed sleep for a number of years! Here’s why:

  • Wool Supports and Distributes – No other product out on the market today can make you feel like you are lying on a cloud. Many people with chronic pain find comfort in wool bedding due to its natural ability to equally distribute weight. The all-natural ability to distribute weight evenly is attributed to the resilient natural crimps found in the wool fibers. By distributing body weight away from pressure points, people have found relief in painful joints and muscles!
  • Insulation – Wool does not feel like that itchy sweater your grandma made you 25 years ago. Wool has the unique ability to insulate to your body temperature so that you do not overheat while you are asleep. With its breathability and ability to control your temperature, no matter what the weather, the benefits of wool top any competing bedding product.
  • No More Sweaty Nights – Along with the ability to regulate temperature, wool has a moisture wicking feature like no other. Moisture that is made overnight can be absorbed within the wool and then given off into the air when you get out of bed in the morning. Wool keeps you dry so that you can sleep more soundly.

So if you are tired of counting sheep, stop trying to achieve your lifelong livestock auditor career. Give up and sleep more soundly with Cuddle Ewe™. Order your bedding products online or call us at 800-290-9199.