Wool Knop Adjustable Pillow


This all wool filled pillow is adjustable to be perfect for your own unique comfort needs. Stuffed with wooly bolus wool (light, small and airy wool balls), this pillow comes with a zipper closure so that you can adjust the amount of wool fill inside to create the perfect pillow for you.


You deserve to sleep with a natural, supportive pillow that will nurture you night after night.

The pillow is sized at 25″ x 18″ and weighs 3 pounds. Raw wooly bolus wool is available separately for purchase in 1.5 lb bags.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Wool Reduces Common Bedroom Allergens

All of our wool filled pillows are ideal for a healthy bedroom! Wool reduces common bedroom allergens because it is naturally mold and mildew resistant. Wool quickly absorbs and releases moisture and thus, does not allow the damp conditions that mold thrive on. Other natural fibers, such as down and cotton, do not readily release moisture. Wool is also naturally fire resistant which means that all of our bedding is able to pass flame tests without the use of any added chemicals.

Wooly Bolus Wool

Wooly bolus wool is specifically designed for making long lasting pillows and furniture. To make the cluster balls we reverse card the wool (run the mill backwards) to make small felted balls that are perfectly designed for the use of blowing machines. The advantage is if your pillow ever gets lumpy you can unzip it and re-fluff it.