Pain Relieving Wool Mattress ToppersDo you toss and turn in discomfort at night? Many Americans do, in fact, according to an article recently published by the CDC one in three adults are not getting the sleep their body needs. Lack of sleep can increase your chances of developing chronic health conditions later in life. Pain is keeping many people up at night, from stiffness and sore muscles to fibromyalgia and arthritis – pain doesn’t sleep but you need to! Our Pain Relieving Wool Mattress Toppers can offer you a natural way to increase your comfort and relieve pains and our secret is Cheviot Wool. This is some of the softest, yet supportive wool in the world. It soothes the body by relieving pressure points, regulating temperature and adding an entirely new level of comfort! If you’re ready to give your bed and nights a lot more refreshment order our Wool Mattress Toppers Online.

Travel Wool Toppers

Want a wool mattress topper you can bring with you? In the RV? At the cabin? Add to the guest bed at your family’s for the holidays? Then our Travel Wool Mattress Toppers would suit you perfectly. Bring the comfort and support of our quality wool mattress pads anywhere when you choose our easy to travel with wool mattress topper, it even comes with a travel case!

Wool Mattress Toppers for Your Mattress at Home

Guarantee a supportive night of rest in your bed always after you get the mattress topper on your bed because that is where it will stay and our 5-year product warranty will have you sleeping that much deeper. So go on, maybe even drool over your transformed bed after investing in our Quality Wool Toppers. We hope you do, that means you are getting the restorative sleep your body needs and your pains have eased enough to induce slumber.

Protect your Mattress Topper with Cotton Slip Covers

We offer cotton slip covers to help protect your wool mattress topper investment. Make sure to select the correct size, as we have both regular and travel size slipcovers. These will make it easy to keep your topper clean, just take the cover off, wash and slip it back on for freshness.

Contact us for any questions about our Wool Bedding Products or check out our selection of other quality wool products. Wool pillows for neck support at night, wool comforters and even packaged sets. We can be reached by calling 1-800-290-9199 or filling out an online request form.

Sleep Better – Feel Better & Wool Can Help!