Wool Mattress Toppers From Cuddle EweSleeping on a high quality mattress topper is sleeping in luxury. Filling the mattress topper with superior organic materials makes it feel even better. All-natural wool bedding offers many more benefits than comfort alone. Wool just may be a miracle of nature by the way it can provide rejuvenating sleep in all climates. Now, CuddleEwe™ has upped the ante by putting our most popular wool bedding products On Sale for Holiday Giving.

All-Natural Wool Offers Many Advantages

Organic wool bedding offers many advantages over other bedding materials. The wool fibers have tiny little scales that overlap and make it feel soft, springy and fluffy night after night. Each woolen fiber is porous and has the unique capability to absorb moisture and allow it to evaporate into the atmosphere. Pure wool batting is clearly the best choice for a high quality mattress topper.

Resilient – The natural springiness of wool retains a lush thickness that outperforms down feather or synthetic materials. Each tiny, coiled fiber has built-in memory for springing back into shape.

Breathable – Crimpy wool fibers create little chambers for air flow throughout the entire underquilt. This keeps it fresher and prevents hot spots from forming.

Moisture Wicking – Each porous fiber of this organic material can absorb moisture and allow it to dissipate back into the atmosphere.

Flame Resistant – The natural absorbent wool fibers create a moisture content that makes it difficult to ignite and burn.

Healthy – CuddleEwe™ organic wool bedding does not contain any added chemicals, pesticides or fumes. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bedbugs.

Renewable – Sheep will grow a new coat and replenish the wool each time they are sheared.

Temperature Control – Heat is trapped inside of the tiny air pockets to keep your body warm and cozy while you sleep. During hot months the moisture wicking abilities keep you dry and comfortable. Your body’s temperature is regulated all year long.

Comfortable – We use only the softest, thickest and most resilient wool in all of our mattress toppers. It all adds up to incredible comfort and the best sleep of your life.

Natural Wool Bedding On Sale

CuddleEwe™ uses organic materials when making our high quality mattress toppers. Our pure wool bedding offers amazing comfort for a better quality of sleep. You will awake feeling more rested and ready to face the day.

The CuddleEwe™ Holiday Sleep Sale is going on now. Many all-natural wool products are on sale for 20% off. Shop online now or call 1-800-290-9199.