Good Night RestAre you suffering from the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia or Arthritis? If so, there may be an effective pain management solution you haven’t tried. It doesn’t require a prescription, or an extra half an hour out of your day and it’s completely natural: Wool Bedding. Cuddle Ewe ™ offers quality wool mattress pads, wool comforters, and wool pillows that can help naturally improve fibromyalgia and arthritis symptoms, while also improving every night of your life. The sleep you will experiences with our quality wool bedding surrounding you will be like nothing you ever thought possible. Drift to dreamland comfortably and stay there until your body has rejuvenated, without waking up because of widespread pain.

Widespread Pain and Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can result in some serious and chronic health effects and severe or prolonged health effects can lead to sleep deprivation. Regardless of what domino fell first, the risks and pain are still very real and hard to escape. If not broken, the cycle will continue and both your health and sleep will worsen, as will your attitude about life and the energy you have to live it. Cuddle Ewe ™ is dedicated to creating supportive, yet comfortable sheepskin bed liners, comforters and pillows that can help you take charge of your life once again.

The Power of Sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool that can be taken for granted. Chronic lack of sleep is not only believed to be associated with long-term health effects but it increases your chance of catching a common cold, flu, even the risk of obesity in increased. Each and every night your body requires sleep. Whilst you’re in dreamland your body’s cells are repairing and your body needs to have the appropriate duration and intensity to fully restore you upon awakening.

Pain can Hinder Sleep

Not to state the obvious but yes, pain dramatically hinders sleep. Which is why there is a large market of sleep aiding and pain relieving products, from over the counter pills, liquids and doctor prescribed medications to ace bandages and many more solutions. If you have found that nothing is working the way you wish or at all, it might be time to give wool a try. It is such a convenient way to get pain relief and sleep benefits – all naturally.

Our Cuddle Ewe ™ products have been proven to be money well spent for people dealing with chronic and widespread pain or any other conditions or situation that’s making quality, restorative sleep all but a dream away.

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