Deeper Sleep with Quality BeddingWhat really compares to a good night of rest? Not only does it help rejuvenate you in preparation for the upcoming day ahead, but sleep also restores us mentally and physically. The deeper the sleep, the better! Unfortunately, there are many American’s that regularly struggle to to achieve deep sleep on a regular basis. If you are struggling to get consistent, deep sleep at night, don’t rely on sleep medication as your solution. Instead, consider investing in high quality wool bedding from Cuddle Ewe™ that can help your body relax and recover from a long day. One of our goals is to help our customers achieve deeper sleep with sheep!

Benefits of Deeper Sleep On the Body

Throughout the night, most individual’s bodies reach deep sleep a few times per night. During this state, your mind and body are completely disengaged from all of your surroundings. Have you ever gone into your child’s room and said their name loudly and they didn’t budge? Chances are that they are engaging in deeper sleep at that time. During this stage of sleep, it is very hard to wake even adults up. Sleepwalking occurs during this stage of sleep as well. This level of sleep and disengagement is great for the body both physically and mentally. Other benefits that deeper sleep provide the body include:

    • Less Fatigue During the Day – Deep sleep at night helps reduce the need for naps during the day. Naps are not bad, however if you get into a deep sleep during the day, it becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve deep sleep at night.
    • Release of Hormones – During deep sleep, human growth hormone is released, helping your body build and heal more quickly.
    • Clears the Brain – Studies have shown that deep sleep helps clear the brain so that it is ready to focus and learn the next day. This stage of sleep also helps you step away for a period of time from the stress that you may be dealing with.

How Cuddle Ewe™ Can Help

No one can guarantee that you’ll be able to achieve deep sleep, however Cuddle Ewe™ can definitely help you take a big step in ensuring that you achieve better sleep than you have currently been experiencing. By using Cheviot wool, which is found in the Cheviot Hills between Scotland and England, all of our bedding products contain some of the softest wool in the world. Whether you take advantage of our comfortable wool pillows, comforters, mattress toppers or mattress covers, our products can help you achieve deeper sleep with sheep in the following ways:

      • Added Support
      • Even Weight Distribution
      • Top Notch Insulation
      • Moisture Absorbant
      • Fire Resistant

If you are yearning for deeper sleep at night, wool bedding products from Cuddle Ewe™ may be exactly what you have been missing. Give us a call today at (800) 290-9199 or visit to learn more about our wool bedding products designed to help you achieve deeper sleep with sheep.