Slice of HeavenDoes your sleep leave something to be desired? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, unable to get a full night’s sleep? Well, if you want to feel what a complete night’s sleep really is like, consider the Slice of Heaven wool bedding set from Cuddle Ewe. Our wool bedding set will ensure that you sleep like a baby – but not to worry, we don’t think you’ll wake up crying. No, you’ll wake up feeling so refreshed after a night on the Slice of Heaven bedding set that you’ll be instantly excited for the next night of sleep. So if you are having trouble sleeping, try this wool bedding set and we know you won’t regret it.

Slice of Heaven Set Contents

The Slice of Heaven wool bedding set from Cuddle Ewe comes with one of our 100% wool underquilt mattress toppers, along one cotton flannelette. It also comes with tailored deep pocket flannel sheets and one of our standard size wool pillows. And the wool we use is Cheviot wool, some of the softest and thickest wool in the world. We have designed this packaged set so that your body is completely enveloped in our wool bedding products, allowing for a superior night’s sleep.

Benefits of Sleeping with Wool

Oftentimes, people think of wool and they think just think hot. But this is generally not the case. Wool is breathable and when you sleep with it, it regulates the body temperature to stay consistent all night. This means that you won’t be too hot or too cold, therefore allowing you to sleep deeper as your body won’t be subject to fluctuations in temperature. Wool also keeps the body dry, as it wicks away sweat and other moisture. This temperature stability makes wool an ideal sleeping material for both winter and summer.

The softness of wool is second to none. Even for people who like firmer beds, the softness of wool bedding is a welcome addition to the bedroom. Wool mattress toppers help disperse the pressure points that your body rests on while it sleeps, therefore allowing the body to more fully relax. And when the body is able to completely relax, studies have found that it heals better. This is why wool bedding is very helpful in reducing arthritis and fibromyalgia pain, along with other chronic ailments.

If you want a soft, comfortable night’s sleep, one that will take your pain away and allow your body to heal, consider the Slice of Heaven wool bedding set from Cuddle Ewe. We guarantee you’ll love it.

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