Pain Relief without MedicationDo you remember life as a teenager when you were able to sleep for hours on end? Sure, this is not the case for everyone, but for most people, sleep comes so easy during that stage of life. Suddenly, as you age, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep and experience uninterrupted rest consistently. There are a lot of items that create sleep issues such as pain, stress, and heavy caffeine use. If you have recently had issues getting good sleep at night, consider investing in Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding products. Through research and a dedicated staff, we have created bedding materials that have been proven to help you sleep tight at night!

Importance of Sleep

Research has shown that most individuals need to sleep 7-9 hours a night to maintain productivity and good health. Sleep is just as important to your overall health as a healthy diet and exercise. By utilizing our wool based products, you will be able to experience more comfort and support than you can imagine. Not only do we offer quality wool bedding, but our products have been found to help with chronic injuries or pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

How Our Wool Can Help

  • Support – Take the pressure off of those tender points of the body by utilizing our supportive wool products. Compared to other bedding materials on the market, wool is best at creating a supportive base that distributes body weight evenly.
  • Manages Temperature – A common issue that individuals experience with bedding materials is that they do not manage body temperature well. Cuddle Ewe™ took notice of this and made sure that our wool bedding product regulates temperature throughout the night. The wool material keeps you warm during the winter time and cool in the summer.
  • Handles Moisture – Another wonderful benefit of wool is the moisture wicking ability. Our wool mattress pad and other bedding products will never feel wet to the touch and can absorb moisture so well that your sheets will never stick to you or be wet after a nights rest.

If you are searching for a way to get back to sleeping like you did as a teenager, it is time to partner with Cuddle Ewe™. Team up with our staff to help provide you with quality wool bedding products designed to help you get better, more consistent sleep at night. Give us a call today at 800-290-9199 so you can begin to sleep tight with wool!