Types of Mattress ToppersWhen it comes to sleep, many invest in the best because sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity and sleeping better will improve your life. Here at Cuddle Ewe we have seen first hand the benefits of wool mattress toppers/pads and wool bedding. From fibromyalgia relief to unexplained insomnia, our wool bedding products have helped many people in the bedroom and, consequently, also with their health. However, we understand that wool is not the only type of mattress topper out there. The internet can show you a whole new world when it comes to bedding and we would like to assist you in your journey in finding the perfect mattress topper that fits you.

Common Mattress Topper/Pad Types, Materials and Pros

Wool Toppers – We will start with wool to get our clear bias out of the way and effectively provide helpful information so that you can decide. Wool has natural healing properties, is supportive, yet soft and our Cheviot Wool Mattress Toppers are one of a kind. For over 12,000 years people have been cozying up to wool and enjoying pain relief and comfort.

  • Natural
  • Supportive
  • Pain Relieving

Memory Foam Toppers – Many people already enjoy the feeling of a memory foam from pillow or mattress and therefore would most likely enjoy the feeling of a memory foam topper. Did you know memory foam was invented by NASA? The truth. Don’t be fooled tho, not all memory foam is created equal so be sure to know the brand.

  • Comfort
  • Pressure Displacement
  • Easily Found

Cotton Toppers – These products are usually quite thin but easily washable and fit snugly on your mattress. Cotton is a natural and renewable source, so it has little impact on the climate.

  • Protect Mattress
  • Cotton is naturally Hypoallergenic

Latex Toppers – The latex found in a mattress topper can either be natural or synthetic. These toppers are hypoallergenic and the material can withstand many years. Latex would not be considered the softest option but not all latex is constructed the same way, so be sure you can feel or return the product for comfort.

  • Durable
  • Portable

Good luck on your search for the best type of topper for your mattress! We hope we have shed some light on the many mattress topper/pads on the market today and what the bring to the table.



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