Wool BeddingWe can sit here and talk to you about Cuddle Ewe™ and how comfortable our wool products are, but it won’t mean a thing until you have a good grasp on how effective wool can be on your body. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee and gain some knowledge about why exactly wool bedding is right for you and every other person that lays down at night!

The Cradle Effect of Wool

With the right wool and product, sleeping on wool can literally feel like sleeping on a cloud. Why does it feel like that? Well, it’s because it makes you feel completely weightless just like a cloud! Since wool is found on our beautiful sheep located in the Cheviot Hills, the natural fibers are made to withstand pressure and distribute weight evenly. So when you lay down at night and feel nice and cradled, it’s because all of your weight is easing off of your painful pressure points and distributing itself evenly. This helps to alleviate morning stiffness, reduce fatigue, and allows you to experience a more restful night’s sleep.

Wool is an Allergy Reducer

Did you know that wool is naturally mold and mildew resistant? No more sniffing the bed and debating back and forth on if your mattress pad is safe to sleep on. People with allergies tend to do well having Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding. Wool has the ability to quickly absorb moisture and then release moisture back into the air. Fibers like down or cotton, however, don’t have those same effects and can easily build up moisture, creating damp conditions that mold can thrive on.

The Perfect Thermoregulation of Wool

If you are someone that tosses and turns at night because you get hot, welcome to your sleep paradise! Wool bedding is perfect for both the summer and winter months as it keeps your body its core temperature all throughout the night. The natural, breathable fibers were made to regulate sheep’s temperature in the outdoors. When it is placed into a batting material and encased in organic cotton, you can receive the perfect temperature while sleeping.

Sleeping with wool bedding has been shown to alleviate both acute and chronic pain, lower heart rates, create a higher duration of REM sleep, and ultimately give less sleep disturbance. If you are ready to discover all the wonders of wool bedding, look no further than Cuddle Ewe™’s wool bedding products. For more information or to order yours today, call us at 800-290-9199.