Wool Mattress PadSearching for the perfect mattress topper for your bed at home can be tough. With so much variety in the market, trying to decide on a certain material is not an easy task. If you are looking to invest in a mattress topper that not only provides comfort, but offers other benefits as well, consider trying a wool mattress topper. Cuddle Ewe™ has made it a priority in our line of work to develop a high quality wool mattress topper that helps customers sleep better at night as well as offering assistance managing pain.

Stiff Competition In the Market

When it comes to mattress toppers, the industry offers consumers a wide variety of styles and materials. Some of the most popular materials used to make these mattress toppers include:

  • Memory Foam – Memory foam does offer comfort to its users, however the lifespan of a memory foam topper doesn’t quite match up to that of a wool mattress topper. If you have a poor mattress, the memory foam may conform to the shape of the aging mattress, causing issues long term.
  • Latex – The latex material can help make your bed softer or firmer, depending on the style that you choose. Latex mattress toppers are very expensive and there is not a whole lot of variety offered with these toppers. You do need to be extra careful with these mattress toppers as they can be easily damaged.

The Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Mattress Topper

In order to compete against the alternative mattress toppers, Cuddle Ewe™ had to develop a product that offered more than just comfort. By using wool, our mattress toppers help you feel rejuvenated after a good nights sleep. The use of wool in our product adds additional benefits to your bed including:

  • Recovery – Many individuals that suffer from conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia use our wool mattress toppers because they remove pressure from the tender point of your joints.
  • Weight Distribution – Wool helps distribute your body weight evenly across the bed while providing you with elite level support.
  • Insulation – The Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper helps maintain a constant body temperature right around 98.6°F. Say goodbye to the nights where you wake up freezing or sweating!
  • Absorption – Thanks to the use of wool, your topper can absorb moisture so that your sheets will never feel wet to the touch.

If you are in the market for a mattress topper built to last, our Cuddle Ewe™ wool mattress topper is the best option for you. Give us a call today at 800-290-9199 or visit www.cuddleewe.com to learn more about our versatile wool mattress toppers.