Benefits of Adding a Wool Mattress Topper to your Bed

Wool Mattress ToppersThere is nothing more relaxing than sleep and there is little more annoying than not being able to sleep, even though you’re exhausted. If you are looking to add more Z’s, comfort your body and put your conscious mind to rest it may be time to consider investing in a Wool Mattress Topper. Adding a Wool Mattress Topper to your Bed will offer you both immediate benefits and long-term benefits, that is a powerful, one-time investment.

Induce Deeper Sleep

How well we sleep affects how well we are awake. After resting on a bed with little, to no support your body may wake up achy and your mind clouded but it doesn’t have to be like that. Put your money where your bed is and you will reap the rewards of deep, restorative sleep. Sleep deprivation is dangerous for every single individual. Not sleeping or getting the quality sleep your body needs can lead to physical, mental and long-term side effects. There are many reasons for lack of sleep or low-quality sleep, help prevent these issues by creating a dark, comfortable space for you to get uninterrupted sleep for the recommended amount of hours. The comfort of our Mattress Toppers does wonders to comfort the body and induce the dreaming state.

Manage Nighttime Pain

Did you know wool has been comforting aches and pains for over 12,000 years? Well, it is the truth and our Wool Mattress Toppers can offer your aches, pressure points and discomforts some much-needed relief. Wool supports and comforts your body to balance weight evenly and keep you sleeping throughout the night – without pain waking you up or medications to knock you out. Our wool mattress toppers have no dangerous side effects, though sleeping on one may become addicting but it’s okay, you’ve already paid.

Temperature Regulating

Are you always waking up hot, sweaty and need to go to the kitchen for a drink of water? You might want to consider changing your bedding. I know what you’re thinking…’This coming from Grandma’s Sweater?’ but truthfully wool not only insulates in the colder winter months but it also temperature regulates. Adding our Wool Mattress Toppers will keep you cool and comfortable all through the night because the moisture buildup of sweat doesn’t soak in and make a damp puddle, instead, it wicks the moisture up and out of the breathable wool and cotton materials.

There are so many more benefits of adding Wool to your Bed, check out our Cuddle Ewe™ website and read more or find them out for yourself when you invest in our Wool Mattress Toppers for yourself.





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