Quality Wool PillowsAchoo! Well, if we say ‘Bless you’ the first time, does it mean that we need to keep saying it the 30 subsequent times you sneeze? For those suffering with allergies, shopping for bedding becomes a strenuous process. If it doesn’t meet a meticulous criteria, it just won’t be worth it! Pillows found on the shelves of supermarkets are first and foremost, not a good option for anyone long term, but could also mess with your allergies. For those looking for a chemical free pillow that is dust mite resistant has allergy free pillow filling and hypoallergenic wool, look no further than the wool pillows at Cuddle Ewe™.

Allergy Free Pillow Filling

When most people think of filling, they think of synthetic fibers or goose feathers, none of which are made to support your neck, and most are not allergy free. Cuddle Ewe™’s wool pillows are made with allergy free pillow filling by using hypoallergenic wool. Our specialized wool comes from a unique climate and vegetation of the Cheviot Hills. It is soft and durable and is dust mite resistant. Since wool is moisture wicking and known to resist mold, you can rest easy every night knowing that your head and face is going into a chemical free pillow that will not get you sick, let alone make you sneeze!

Other Benefits of Wool Pillows

The majority of our society finds comfort in sleeping on their side. One of Cuddle Ewe™’s pillows is specifically designed for those sleepers. Our chemical free pillows were designed with you in mind. We take the stress of your head weight off of the neck when you sleep. Our hypoallergenic wool has natural durability and softness that allows for optimal support and comfort during your entire time in bed. We have additionally added Talalay rubber, which is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and provides extra support for your head and neck. The care and cleaning with our wool pillows is easy. Spot cleaning with a damp sponge is all you have to do to keep your chemical free pillow clean.

We have a variety of wool pillow shapes and styles depending on your body type and needs. All of which are made with allergy free pillow filling and hypoallergenic wool. Whether you are having back and neck problems or you are needing to find a functional chemical free pillow, our wool pillows are the perfect match for you. For more information about Cuddle Ewe™ and the benefits of wool pillows, contact us today at 800-290-9199.