Wool Mattress ToppersWhy are you searching for a Wool Mattress Topper? Is it to add an extra layer of comfort to your existing bed? Relieve your night time pain without nightly medication? Or is it in hopes to get better shut-eye and actually feel refreshed the next day? Whatever your reason for wanting to invest in a quality wool mattress topper for your bed, our product may be the perfect fit and it will come right to your door and stay for years. Sleep is a valuable thing because it improves lives, so how can our wool mattress topper/pad help yours?

What makes Sleep So Valuable?

  • Memory Improvement – Sleep has been proven to strengthen your performance while you are awake because when you’re sleeping your brain retraces what you have learned and focused on throughout the day. Which could also help explain the power of meditation, hypnotism and why it is common for people to notice something about the day before in their dream.
  • Critical for Good Health – Sleep is a body’s way of Restoring Energy, Recovering Tissue, Regulating Thermal Temperature and Rejuvenating Cognitive Function, so it is critical that each night your body is able to do that. Quality sleep has also been shown to help regulate weight, reduce blood pressure, improves your body’s ability to heal and so much more!
  • Lower Stress Levels – Lack of sleep not only gets you cranky but your entire body becomes exhausted from the stress of not repairing and continuing on. Contrary, waking up from a deep, hard sleep is a feeling of refreshment. Your night of sleep has a big effect on the energy and mood you are in the next day. So invest in something that can help you waking up on the right side of the bed –  every day.
  • Natural, Night-Time Pain Management – There are many reasons keeping the estimated 40% of Americans from sleeping the recommended 8 hours a night. Pain is one of them. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic and other widespread reasons for pain are known to interrupt sleep and make it exceedingly hard to get the restorative rest needed.

Wool Mattress Toppers Induce Sleep Naturally

With the comfort and support of wool under you, your chances for a great night sleep have greatly improved. Our Cuddle Ewe™ Wool Mattress Toppers have helped many create a peaceful night full of relaxation and restoration. Wool is known for its holistic benefits, such as pain relief and comfort, if this sounds like the mattress topper for you, order our toppers online and take advantage of our 90-day return policy if it isn’t. If it is, rest comfortably on our 5-year product warranty.