Quality Wool BeddingAs warmer temperatures approach, many people start to think about how low they can set their A/C and how many fans they will need to stay cool while they sleep. It is a reality for many– sleeping in the summertime is just uncomfortable and too warm. So, this year, before the warm temperatures arrive, consider purchasing bedding that can actually regulate your body temperature, and add comfort, rather than make you overheat.

Cuddle Ewe™ makes bedding that helps your body regulate its body temperature, which immediately translates into a better and more restful night’s sleep. The Cuddle Ewe™ underquilt will not raise your body temperature. It instead keeps it at a constant 98.6°F, so that you will not feel hot while you are sleep, which can cause you to sleep fitfully and wake up during the night.

Benefits of Wool Bedding To Improve Overall Sleep

You may also be surprised to learn that Cuddle Ewe™ bedding is made of 100% pure cheviot wool, which is one of the thickest, most resilient and softest varieties of wool ever made. While you might think of wool as a material that keeps you warm, this wool is actually breathable, which insulates your body and provide temperature control at night.

In addition, wool offers moisture control, which also keeps you comfortable overnight. Wool can can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling at all wet to the touch. This unique quality means that our Cuddle Ewe™ underquilts and bedding will be comfortable to lay on even when moist.

Each night, your body produces a great deal of moisture, especially when your temperature fluctuates. The moisture absorbed from your body is then given off into the air when you get out of bed in the morning. This is why wool is the most comfortable material to sleep on even in very hot, humid weather.

Make A Small Investment Now For A More Restful Summer

Making a small investment in Cuddle Ewe™ bedding this summer can ensure more restful and comfortable night’s sleep. Cuddle Ewe™ offers high quality affordable products including mattress toppers, comforters, underquilts, pillows and protective mattress covers. And, right now, Cuddle Ewe™ is offering a March madness special — you can get 17% off any order you place during the entire month of March! Call 1-800-290-9199 for more information about Cuddle Ewe™ products or to place an order.