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Arthritis Relief when you Sleep

Arthritis Relief at NightSometimes cutting off the lights and heading to bed at night can seem miserable. Pulling down your sheets and lying down can be a painful and almost unbearable thing to do every single night. For those suffering with arthritis, you may be familiar with these thoughts.

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The Holiday Gift of Comfort

Wool Bedding GiftLooking for a holiday gift that your friend or family member will be thrilled about for years to come? Maybe your spouse continuously complains about getting poor sleep at night. Try something new this holiday season and give the gift of comfort from Cuddle Ewe™. Offering a wide range of organic wool bedding products ranging from…

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All Natural Wool Bedding

Wool Mattress Pad/TopperWhen you think of wool, what comes to mind? Sweaters? Winter hats? Gloves? Winter? You may be surprised to learn that some of the most comfortable bedding you will ever lay on in your life is also made of all natural wool! Cuddle Ewe™ has developed many soft and comfortable organic wool bedding products…

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Sleep for your Health

Better Sleep and Better HealthWhen you are feeling a little under the weather, what’s typically the first thing you want to do? Most of us would say they like to put on something comfy, crawl into bed, and get some much needed rest. Only then do we say, “I finally got some much needed rest and I’m feeling a lot better.” Why do we do that?

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Why Organic Wool is Better

Wool Mattress PadAchieving a healthier lifestyle can begin right in the confines of your bed. When people talk about ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle, your bedding products are generally never brought up. The truth is that the better you sleep, the healthier you become. Sure, there are plenty of bedding materials out on the market, but there is no…

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Mattress Buying Guide and Myths

Wool Mattress BeddingBuying a mattress can quickly become one of the most stressful purchases of the year for you and your family. There are so many different brands, styles and materials that it makes you second guess yourself when trying to find the right mattress. Typically, the salesmen that you interact with doesn’t make the process any more fun because they are eager to make a sale…

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