Personal Wool Comforter


When the weather turns cool, slip into something warm and cuddly: the Cuddle Ewe brand Personal Comforter.

This Personal Comforter measures 33” x 80” closed.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Surround Your Body with Warmth with Cuddle Ewe Personal Comforter

This personal comforter wraps you in the soft, cozy warmth of pure wool.

Lay the comforter open on a chair or sofa, settle into its cushioned embrace, and gently tug on the oversized tassel to zip the comforter closed and surround your body with natural warmth. You’ve never felt anything like it.

The Soft Comfort of Pure Wool

Wool is a natural insulator. It traps your body heat so there’s no need for heating elements or electricity. That’s what makes the Personal Comforter so special. Plus, unlike most synthetics, wool actually wicks away moisture so you always stay dry and comfortable.

And it’s naturally fire resistant. It’s a safe, soothing, and satisfying way to keep warm.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

Each Cuddle Ewe Personal Comforter is crafted of quality materials so it will last for years. A soft, 100% pure wool batting is placed inside the all-cotton outer shell and liner.  It’s then stitched with an attractive quilt pattern to keep the wool in place.

A heavy-duty zipper with a large tassel pull makes the comforter easy for almost anyone to get on and off.

Personal Comforter, Throw and Blanket

You can use the Personal Comforter as a comforter or zip it open and use it as a throw or a blanket. It’s so light that you can take it anywhere or fold it up for easy storage.

Our personal comforters are designed for surrounding yourself in comfort throughout the day. Our Gold Hatch comforter measures 33″x80″ (closed).

Color and/or print may vary.