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Natural Pain Management With Wool

Fibromyalgia. Arthritis. Chronic pain. Acute pain. These are all types of painful diseases that cripple your day to day living. When someone receives the news of these types of injuries and illnesses, people immediately look to using prescription drugs and sedative medications for relief. When it comes to sleep, all too often these same people feel that sleep is a constant struggle. If you or someone you know is suffering from lack of sleep due to pain, it’s time to stop! If you are sick of medicating, Cuddle Ewe™ can give you natural pain management with our wool bedding products. Our 100% pure wool mattress topper is an all natural solution that will help you take back your sleep and get the rest that you so desperately need.

Why Wool Sleeps Best

Medicating yourself with sedative drugs in hopes that you will get a better night’s rest is just not the answer. Honestly, wool sleeps best. The quality of our wool helps ease the aches and pains of normal daily life, and for those who are looking for a natural way to alleviate pain, our 100% pure wool mattress topper offers sleep cooler bedding, supportive contouring, and moisture wicking properties. It is why wool sleeps best.

Sleep Cooler Bedding

Our wool offers natural sleep cooler bedding mainly because it is all natural. Wool has the natural capability to keep your body temperature the same. So unlike goose down, synthetic materials, or cotton fiber, Cuddle Ewe™’s 100% pure wool mattress topper will not raise your body temperature but instead, keep it at a comfortable degree so that you do not overheat and wake up from your sleep. Sleep cooler bedding is a must when trying to improve your sleep.

Wool Manages Moisture

Another amazing quality of wool is its ability to manage moisture like no other. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still not feel wet to the touch. This means that even when you produce moisture at night, our wool manages moisture, contains it, and then releases into the air when you get out of bed in the morning.

Along with sleep cooler bedding and the fact that wool manages moisture, wool sleeps best due to the even distribution of body weight it allows. The fibers in our 100% pure wool mattress topper support your body like a cloud, alleviating those painful pressure points that otherwise keep you up at night.

If you are suffering and searching for natural pain management, look no further than Cuddle Ewe™’s 100% pure wool mattress topper. For more information, call us today at 800-290-9199.

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