Better Sleep With Wool

Quality Wool ProductsSleeping at night is supposed to be a relaxing time where your body can rest and recover from the busy day. For some people, they are able to experience comfortable sleep at night. For others, restless sleep is a far too regular struggle. Relying on medication such as sleeping pills can cause long term health issues and dependencies that may end up causing more damage than good. Consider a more holistic approach to better sleep. Team up with Cuddle Ewe™, a bedding company that offers high performance sleep products with the help of wool.

Why Is Sleep Important?

  • Keeps You Healthy – Research has shown that proper amounts of uninterrupted sleep can prevent sickness, help regulate weight, and can even strengthen internal organs such as the heart.
  • Increased Memory – Although your body is resting, your mind continues to work as you sleep. Your brain often times uses the time you sleep to help increase memorization.
  • Longer Lifespan – A recent study of women between the ages of 50 to 79 showed that individuals who slept less than 5 hours or more than 6.5 hours per night died more frequently. Getting the proper amount of sleep directly relates to a more productive lifestyle.
  • Boosts Creativity and Performance – Waking up rejuvenated after a good night’s rest helps individuals with their creativity, attention span, and motivation.
  • Less Stress – Individuals that struggle with sleep are more than likely experiencing stress as well. Better sleep at night will help regulate your blood pressure and stress levels.

Focus on Wool

If you are someone that has never slept on wool, you have been missing out! Cuddle Ewe™ uses Cheviot wool in all our bedding products, which is some of the softest wool in the world. Our quality wool bedding experts have used the benefits of wool to help individuals experience better support and weight distribution at night. Additionally, wool regulates temperature better than any other bedding product on the market, which helps your body stay comfortable at night. By investing in wool, you can rest assured that your bedding products will help you experience better sleep over the long haul.

Coming in many styles, Cuddle Ewe™ offers wool bedding materials ranging from comforters and pillows to mattress toppers and covers. Team up with our dedicated team today and start experiencing better sleep with wool. Give us a call at 800-290-9199 to learn more about our bedding products.


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